Case Report

Painful unilateral gynecomastia with identification of the cause of the pain: A case report

Charles M Lombard* and Peter L Naruns

Published: 31 December, 2021 | Volume 5 - Issue 1 | Pages: 034-036

A 69-year-old man presented with a one-month history of a painful mass in the right breast. Pathologic evaluation of the excision of the mass revealed a proliferation of both glandular and stromal elements consistent with gynecomastia. In addition, histologic examination revealed peripheral nerves in the deep portion of the specimen were entrapped in the proliferative changes associated with gynecomastia. It is proposed that the expansile proliferation led to compressive pressure on the nerves and caused the pain associated with gynecomastia.

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Gynecomastia; Unilateral; Painful; Pathogenesis; Pathology


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