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Pathology is a scientific clinical knowledge fundamental to modern medical practice and health care. It is a medical specialty that is concerned with the diagnosis of disease based on the laboratory analysis of bodily fluids, such as blood, urine and tissue homogenates or extracts using the knowledge of chemistry, microbiology, hematology and molecular pathology.

This journal publishes worthy and studiously peer-reviewed manuscripts focusing diagnosis, treatment and management of an increasing range of clinical pathology research and conditions.

Archives of Pathology and Clinical Research is a new step in the evolution of publishing in pathology and includes the study of wide range Pathology investigations and other aspects in relation to the field.

Reasons for Publishing

Research studies indicate that more than 70% of all health care decisions affecting diagnosis or treatment involve a pathology investigation and research. Pathologists should play a key role in the design and execution of disease treatment trials, with special attention to the eligibility, stratification and evaluation of response to therapy. Pathology services are the core of health care services provided to patients and the community.

Therefore, Archives of Pathology and Clinical Research initiated publishing manuscripts emphasizing the importance of the role of pathology in prevention, detection and treatment of many of the leading causes of disease.

By the means of publishing manuscripts, Archives of Pathology and Clinical Research seeks to underpin that pathology has moved from a useful diagnostic aid to an essential component of high quality clinical care and the practice of evidence based medicine.

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